10 Reasons to Choose a Freedom Cartage Tank

1. Fibreglass quality

Freedom cartage tanks are made from premium high tech, high grade fibreglass, which offers many advantages over plastic and steel cartage tanks. Freedom Tanks are strong, light, non-corrosive – and last longer.

2. 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee

Enjoy the peace of mind of a 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.

3. Fully baffled for safety

Unlike many other cartage tanks on the market, Freedom Tanks are built to a fully baffled design which prevents liquid surge while in motion for safer braking in transit.

4. Reinforced feet for secure bolting down

The reinforced feet on Freedom Tanks enable secure installation by bolting down – another safety feature.

5. High tensile strength to handle liquids

The high tensile strength of fibreglass can handle the forces that liquids exert.

6. No cracking, leaking or warping

The superior quality of Freedom Tanks means you won’t have issues with cracking, leaking or warping.

7. Cool white exterior with light-blocking interior coating

A heat reflecting white gelcoat finish keeps internal temperatures to a minimum while black internal linings make the tank light-tight, preventing algae growth and chemical degradation.

8. Water cartage tanks approved for potable water

All our water storage tanks have an approved lining for potable water so are drinking water safe, compliant with the Australian Water Quality Centre Standards (AS 4020).

9. Manufactured by an Australian company with over 40 years experience

Freedom Tanks is part of a successful Australian group of companies that have been manufacturing and exporting premium quality fibreglass products for over 40 years.

10. Freedom cartage tanks set the benchmark

If you’re looking for a cartage tank made to a standard by which others are measured, choose a Freedom Tank.

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