Water Cartage Tanks

From 1,800 to 15,000 litres

Whether you need a water cartage tank to transport thousands of litres by road or just a new chemical tank for your boom spray, Freedom Tanks has the answer. Precision moulded from high grade fibreglass, Freedom Tanks' water cartage tanks and spray tanks are designed to withstand the tremendous destructive forces generated by water in motion, day after day, year after year. Because of their superior quality, safety and value for money, Freedom water cartage tanks are in wide use throughout Australia by farmers, contractors, haulage companies, mining companies, shire councils, government departments and more.

All our water storage tanks are compliant with the 
Australian Water Quality Centre Standards (AS 4020)


  • Potable water lining (drinking water safe).
  • Heat reflecting white gelcoat finish keeps internal temperatures to a minimum.
  • Black internal linings make the tank light-tight, preventing algae growth and chemical degradation.
  • Tanks are baffled as required to control liquid surge and sway with sectional drains through all compartments for automatic self-draining.
  • Chemical residues are easily flushed out.
  • Reinforced legs, suitable for bolting down.
  • Can be mounted on custom-made skids to suit your requirements.
  • External sight gauge for storage levels at a glance.
  • Two hatches are included, complete with screw-in cover and mesh strainer.
  • Optional stainless steel hatches.
  • Stainless steel ladder except 7,000L tank.
  • Manufactured by an Australian company with over 40 years experience.
  • 10 year manufacturer’s guarantee.
  • Capacity from 1,800L to 15,000L.
HDC 1800 1800 400 1120 1450 2060
HDC 2200 2200 500 1000 1660 2320
HDC 7000 7000 1500 1390 2240 3850
HDC 9000 9000 2000 1590 2240 3850
HDC 10000 10000 2300 1700 2240 3850
HDC 12000 12000 2640 1820 2500 3962
HDC 15000 15000 3400 1700 2500 5100

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